What value Hectagon bring to Projects?

No more token dumping risks

Unethical “pump and dump” schemes are not in our investment strategy playbook. We make investments into projects because we believe in their vision, mission, and longevity, not because we expect to gain quick profitable wins. That’s why we develop Smart Contract Investment, which locks away projects’ tokens for a long period of time in the treasury and allows us to follow the anti-dump policy and focus on our full trust in the longevity and substantial growth of the projects.

Sustainable value

  • We know products take time to be validated and to find market fit. Token lockup shows our commitment and patience in the product development process, and helps founders to focus on what truly matters. During this period, we can further evaluate the progress of the project and how serious the founding team is in really pursuing their mission in the long run.

  • We care about the projects’ early retail investors. We want them to really use the product, appreciate the project’s value proposition, and engage in a strong community that constantly gives feedback and contribution to the growth of the projects. That’s why we want to protect them from large price fluctuations and allow them to have time to use the platform and benefit from it.

Access to Hectagon's KOL network and user base

Hectagon has a current network of over 300 reputable global KOLs and communities who are willing to partner with potential projects on marketing and business development. Our user base is growing very fast and is expected to have very high engagement due to our unique tokenomic which is designed to recognize and incentivize our community members effectively. A large pool (45%) of Hectagon tokenomic is reserved for rewards to Hecta holders’ contribution to the protocol and our portfolio projects.

Any portfolio projects can leverage our strong user base and influencers network by partnering with us to create rewards campaigns to incentivize them to be a part of your community and contribute specific values to your projects. Normally, the rewards will come from both Hectagon and the projects, which makes it much more appealing for participants compared with any other incentivizing programs currently in the market.

There are many use cases for us to be creative with the rewards campaigns design, in any subject that matters to the community growth of the projects, such as community engagement, KOLs endorsement, increasing investors conversion rate, increasing long-term holders ratio, etc.

Learn to BUIDL from the best, pick the brain from the world-class experts

There is not much documentation out there guiding you on how to build a Web3 startup. How to build a minimum viable community? How to design tokenomics? What does the token holder's journey look like? What’s the difference between scaling a Web2 and a Web3 startup? How to run a DAO?... Since Web3 is relatively new and there’s no guaranteed formula to win; and new models, new concepts, and new trends… are exploding every day, it’s not effective for your learning resources to be centralized in only some backers or advisors. Hectagon provides a full suite of access to a decentralized network of hundreds of global advisors and experts who are proven entrepreneurs, investors, c-level executives, and experts… in all markets and aspects of building a Web3 project and a sustainable business in general. They are incentivized to get on board and engage as contributors in Hectagon DAO.

How the learning formats look like:

  • Web3 Startup Masterclass: With nearly 10 years of experience in intensively accelerating and training over 300 Web2 startups from 9 countries, we understand deeply what mindset, practical knowledge, experience sharing, and weapons are needed for startups to be successful in pursuing their mission in the long run. Having venture-invested in nearly 30 Web3 projects in strategic/seed rounds and advised another 50 more, and especially, being Web3 founders ourselves, we leverage those hands-on experiences to design a Web3 Startup Masterclass program - a well-structured pre-recorded program on how to run a Web3 startup. We will partner with world-class, reputable entrepreneurs, investors, c-level executives, and experts… as the program speakers and coaches. This program is available for any startups in our pipeline to get access to and learn from the best. We aim to set the same mindset and fundamental knowledge for any Web3 entrepreneurs out there, regardless if they are selected to be our investees or not.

  • Golden 1-1 Office hour: Fundamental knowledge is a good starting point, but it’s not good enough for you to take off. You need to get connected and have deep mind-blowing conversations with accredited and well-respected advisors in high-level business strategy as well as specific matters of your business, such as tokenomic, go-to-market, liquidity, governance, etc. We are working towards our plan to onboard 300 world-class advisors who are willing to get matching and sit down 1-1 during Office hours with our Web3 startups. This program is only available for our investees since we need to ensure the quality of the startups before connecting them with our advisor's network.

Trusted Companion

High-quality deals pipeline and win-win rewards mechanics for partners will be our unique advantage to aggressively build the biggest effective business network by partnering with exchanges, Defi protocols, and custody providers, such as launchpads, exchange, listing, AMM, wallets, payment networks... These partners will be connected with portfolio companies based on their demands and Hectagon DAO proposal if yes. By partnering with them, we can help startups save up their time and increase high chances of closing the deals rather than cold calls or the usual long application process.

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