Rewards System

Rewards system encourage value add activity and give birth to the human social on-chain identity

Hectagon will invite projects to hold campaigns within our HECTA holder community. The rewards can come from the project themselves or Hectagon can be the sponsor.

  • Campaigns will be announced publicly in all communication channels (Forum, Discord, Telegram, Twitter, etc.). Forum will be the official one.

  • Campaigns are encouraged to announce 7 days before starting so all eligible parties can prepare.

  • After the campaign is over, following information will be sealed on-chain: campaign metadata, hash of results and claimable date.

  • Campaign's winners will be notified via off-chain channels, then they can go to Hectagon UI or interact with the smart contract to claim their rewards.

  • After user claim the rewards, there is a on-chain proof for his contributions which can not be transfer. The accumulation of these proofs on-chain would build his societal identity which can be used for join later campaigns or airdrops.

In the future, we would like to let everyone can create a campaign as long as they can fund the rewards. For example, someone can fund a campaign with a budget of 10 $HECTA to reward first 10 people who pickup trash at his local beach, or volunteer to teach some children in a poor neighborhood. The only limit is your imagination.


The Campaign owner will generate a list of campaign winners' address and their respective rewards. Each campaign can distribute rewards in the form of ERC20 or ERC721 (NFT) token. The campaign owner will hash the list and store the hashed text in a Hectagon provided Smart Contract (Address of the contract: TBD).

The campaign winner then go to the Smart Contract and Claim his reward by conducting a transaction using his address and the content of the rewards. This process sounds complicated but can be done easily with just a push of bautton.

In the future, we can implement a SBT minting mechanism based on the proof on-chain in Reward System.

Future of a Credit-based Economy

It is no mystery that the biggest economy in the world is built upon Credit not Cash. And where do those credit come from? They come from human identity. There is no credit without human identity. But again, what does human identity mean?

Human identity is not a piece of paper issued by the government, but social connection among other human beings.

As months and years go by, Hectagon will onboard hundreds of thousands of users and let them build a network of rewards with proof on-chain. We believe that we can help build the new human societal identity on-chain. This new identity then can give birth to a new better world.

Can not wait to see you on the blockchain!

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