7. pHECTA holder

This is the user manual for only pHECTA holders who can convert pHECTA to HECTA. Please note that you can not do the opposite thing (convert HECTA to pHECTA)

This is the contract address of pHECTA

  1. Exchange tab

  • pHECTA claimable: the maximum pHECTA you are allowed to exchange for the time being

  • pHECTA balance: the available pHECTA on your connected wallet

  • The amount of pHECTA you want to exchange is equal to the amount of BUSD you need to complete this exchange.

  • Exchange duration: After this time, you can redeem the transferred HECTA. Follow in “Redeem HECTA” tab

2. Redeem tab

When the period ends, you can Redeem all your HECTA to your wallet.

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