Introduction to Hectagon

An investment solution for retail investors to capture the growth of Crypto market

Yes, it’s still early

The Web3 industry is experiencing unprecedented growth and innovation, yet this is still the beginning. The whole crypto market value is around 1.2 trillion USD as of 2022, though reports suggest that this number will further increase to reach 32 trillion USD by 2027.
In the recent State of Crypto 2022, done by A16Z, their data suggests that based on the number of users and the trajectory of its growth, the Web3 market is at the equivalent state of Web2 back in 1995, about 10 years out from when the internet reached 1 billion users and Web2 really took off.
Introducing the 2022 State of Crypto Report
a16z crypto
We are early in the 'price-innovation' bought by Crypto of which impact is revealing to the real world
This implies a lot of future value gain for early investors in the web3 business, and the best is yet to come.

Everything is stacked against individual investors

But for the majority of individual investors, this information isn’t relevant to them because just like with Web2, early investments in Web3 are mostly exclusive to Venture Capitals, and you need to be already wealthy to be able to participate in Venture Capital.
How Venture Capital Works
Harvard Business Review
Wealthy individuals/institutions put money into Venture Capital to expect a 25-30% annual return.
A decentralized future built on a foundation of centralized funding just doesn’t sound right when technology is available for a decentralized funding platform to work and bring exclusive seed-stage investment opportunities to individual investors at no barrier of entry.

Hectagon is the solution

In the next few articles, the Hectagon team will propose on:
What we see as the barrier of entry into a good investment opportunity for individual investors (Why does Hectagon exist?)
How does Hectagon solve these problems and bring value to our community of investors?
How does Hectagon solution benefit Web3 projects?
The protocol we design is meant to be simple to start and simple to use. It is as easy as holding our native token, HECTA.
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