1. Dashboard

All the number in this screen is for illustration purpose only

Dashboard is a visual display of all of your asset. Go here to view your total asset on Hectagon

1. Total Balance

Total balance is total your asset. If you only connect and do not sign in then Total Balance only shows the balance of currently connected wallet. If you already sign in, then Total Balance shows the balance of all wallets of the current Account.

2. Pie chart

The block in the left includes a pie chart which shows all your HECTA and gHECTA (token represents for your HECTA staking ). gHECTA vesting is the gHECTA residing in the Vesting vault.

3. Staking

Amount: The current gHECTA (HECTA staking)

Current APY (Annual Percentage Yield) projects the profit if current reward rate is kept through out the year. However, reward rate is subject to change every 8 hour (epoch) so the Current APY do not totally represent the real profit.

Reward: The reward amount you might receive after the current epoch is finished. However, this number will fluctuate with the changes of total staked HECTA.

4. The graph

Show changes of your total balance over time in USD. This graph is NOT REAL TIME and it is updated hourly.

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