How gHecta works?

1. What is gHECTA?

gHECTA is the governance token of Hectagon. gHECTA enable its owner to:

  • Vote on Snapshot

  • Burn gHECTA (along some additional HECTA as fee) to acquire project tokens

  • Receive staking reward

  • Unstake to receive HECTA

2. How gHECTA enable user receiving staking rewards?

To calculate the number of HECTA that gHECTA owner can use this formula:

Number of HECTA = Index * Number of gHECTA

Index is a number which increases after every epoch. The difference between Index of 2 consequence epoch represents the staking rewards for gHECTA owners.

3. How to acquire gHECTA?

There are 2 ways for user to acquire gHECTA:

  • Buying HECTA with discount and vesting terms from Hectagon website or smart contract.

  • Staking HECTA in Hectagon website or smart contract to receive gHECTA.

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