Explanation of every components in Hectagon

Hectagon product contains 4 main systems that user can interact with:

  • Hectagon Treasury: Whenever user buys $HECTA from Hectagon, those tokens will be put into the Investment Fund. Whenever Hectagon makes an investment into a project, the project's tokens will be put into Hectagon Treasury. The Policy team will be in charged with managing the Treasury.

  • Governance System: $gHECTA, pHECTA and tHECTA holders can propose and vote for changes in how the system works. Most activities will be taken place in Hectagon's forum and Snapshot space.

  • Hectagon Investment Portal: This is the place where all deal pipe-line happens. Everyone can tips Hectagon will potential deals, join project screen process and receive some form of rewards.

  • Hectagon Reward System: Sending money to projects is the easiest part of investment process. In Hectagon, we vow to support projects by provide critics, early adopters and even builders. All of this happens through a reward mechanism where project and summit Campaigns asking support from the community. Whoever wins the campaign will receive some form of rewards of which proof will be sealed on-chain.

Hectagon also works on many innovative solutions such as Smart Contract Investment, Redeemable NFT and Bond marketplace. Follow our Medium for regular updates.

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