Hectagon Tiger Tribe

999 unique Redeemable NFT, each hold from 1-10 HECTA


NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, each NFT has a unique ID and only the owner of the NFT can transfer or interact with it. In Hectagon, we pioneer the concept of using NFT as a financial instrument such as Basket of assets.

We design the Hectagon Tiger Tribe NFT collection to reward early adopters and educate users on the concept of "Basket of assets". The NFT owner is not only able to trade but also can burn (redeem) the NFT for a certain amount of $HECTA stored within. In the coming months, we would like to offer $HECTA holders options to mint NFTs represent a basket of future assets within Hectagon Treasury to either sell in the marketplace or hold to earn its value later.

Collection detail

Hectagon Tiger Tribe has 999 NFTs, each has 5 traits creating a space of more than 25,000 possibilities. In principle, each trait value is divided into 5 rare classes:

Rare classRarity

Super Secret Rare


Super Rare








The rarity will change over time because some collectors can buy then burn a certain trait to make it harder to acquire thus increase its trading value.

To make it easier for traders, we already built an NFT marketplace specifically for this collection.

To experience the future of NFT as a financial instrument, let's participate in Hectagon Tiger Tribe today!

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