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2. Invest

The easiest way to benefit from Crypto Growth


You can buy HECTA straghtforwardly without having an account or KYC following these steps:

1. Enter

2. Connect your wallet by select “Connect Wallet” on the upper right of the screen.

3. Click “Invest” on the right side of the screen.

4. Choose discount percentage and vesting time options and click “Buy” to purchase HECTA.

5. You can use many kind of popular token to buy HECTA, such as: BUSD, BNB, etc. Enter the amount of money you want to pay to buy HECTA, or click “Max” on the right of the box to choose the maximum amount you can pay at that time. Why "Max"? Hectagon deploy a mechanism to allow a small to medium bit of HECTA can be bought at a time thus lower the chance whale take advantage of the protocol.

6. You need to approve Hectagon to use your token in your first time purchasing HECTA. You can use many kind of popular token to buy HECTA, such as: BUSD, BNB, etc.

7. Next step, please click button Buy

8. Double check your payment details then click “Buy” to finish you purchasing

9. In vesting time, your HECTA is auto-staked to obtain highest profit. After this time, you can get both HECTA and staking reward in your vesting vault. However, when you bought HECTA, the protocol automatically stake your HECTA into gHECTA and you already receive staking reward every epoch (8 hour). You only need to redeem if you really want gHECTA. For gHECTA usage, please refer to this section.


1. In vesting vault tab, you can follow all the vesting period. After this time, redeem action is enable

2. Click "Redeem all" to and then select 1 of 2 option available.

If you choose "Redeem and stake" Hectagon continue to stake your HECTA to get staking rewards. The staking HECTA will be shown as gHECTA in your wallet and dashboard.

If you choose "Redeem only" Hectagon Move those HECTA to your wallet and stop auto-staking

pageHow gHecta works?

2. Enter the amount of HECTA you want to stake or you can stake all HECTA in your wallet by clicking “Max”. Double check the HECTA amount and click “Stake” to finish staking your HECTA

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