6. Governance

Only people who sacrificed economic power (e.g: token liquidity) can vote. Thus, only gHECTA, pHECTA and tHECTA holders can vote. However, there are open channels for everyone.

You can access Snapshot for onchain voting here . Read more about the mechanism on our forum

  1. Proposal

Only the operation team can create Snapshot proposal. The holder for gHECTA, pHECTA, and tHECTA processes voting after the proposal is created.

2. Delegate

Users who have the right to vote (gHECTA, pHECTA and tHECTA holders) can also delegate their authority to another address. Click "Confirm" after pasting the address you want to delegate.

To stop the delegation from an address, click on button “X” in Your delegation as the picture below

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