Hectagon solution for Web3 projects and partners

The Tokenomic that promotes value add from community to projects

The thing to note about the distribution of HECTA is that for every 1 HECTA sold, 4.5 HECTA is hold in reserved to incentivized value add from the community to that project.

At first, this can seems like an overkill in value-add incentives, however:

  1. It didn’t take a lot of money to seed fund for a startup project. In most cases, projects didn’t start raising 10 of millions of dollars until they are already proved their initial traction and already long pass their seed round.

  2. At early stage, the hardest problems projects face usually can’t be solved with money, it takes founders’s ingenuity, good advisory, mentorship and community network effect to solve them.

As the saying goes:

It takes a village to raise a child

For any startup project at early stage, the list of work need to be done include:

  • Forming an idea

  • Build a prototype

  • Market test the prototype

  • Build the core team

  • Fundraising

  • Build the product

  • Go to market

The list is daunting enough as it is, however, for Web3 projects, they also need to add the following things to the list.

  • Design the token: tokenomic, utility…

  • Build a community

  • Promote the token

  • TGE

It is a whole new facet of the business that isn’t existing before.

It does take all the effort of the founding team, the investors, the users and communities just to have a chance at building and launching a successful new startup project.

So by reserving a large proportion of token to recognize and reward people, communities, partners and co-investors who can:

  • Introduce good, pre-screened projects to Hectagon

  • Actively participate in screening for good projects for investment

  • Provide advisory, mentorship to the projects

  • Promote the projects

  • Provide freelance work for projects

  • Becoming users and active contributors in the community of project Hectagon investing into.

It create a better ecosystem for the projects and Hectagon’s community.

Hectagon team strongly believe we are only the one that kick start this idea and gradually the community (with much better resources and talents) will take over Hectagon.

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