How Project can apply?

Self-application for Web3 projects

You have a chance to receive funding and tap into our growth protocol by self-applying through Hectagon Investment Portal. All you need to do is fill in the application which seeks for your information on:

  • General information

  • Project overview

  • Team

  • Tokenomics

  • Market and Competitions

  • Go-to-market

  • Pitchdeck, whitepaper

  • Fundraising proposal

We will let you know if you pass the application screening round. Afterwards, you will get informed by our investment team about the due diligence process and the interview schedule. The whole process normally takes less than 2 months, though for some peak time with too many applications, it may take us a little bit longer.

Refer a potential Web3 project to Hectagon

Are you a VC? An angel investor? An advisor? Or simply a friend of a Web3 founder? Whatever role you are, you are more than welcome to introduce a potential Web3 project to Hectagon to review. And as a contributor to Hectagon, you will get some rewards in return. Learn more about the campaign: .

Please keep in mind some of our criteria for potential deals as below:

  • Stage: strategic/private/seed

  • Market: DeFi, GameFi, Infrastructure, SocialFi, HealthFi, SportFi, Other (wallet, exchange, NFT, DAO tool, launchpad, insurance…)

  • Chain: Any (though we do favor Ethereum, BSC, Solana, AVAX, Aurora)

  • Geography: Any

If you have a frequent quality deals pipeline (at least 3 deals per month) and want to sign up into our network as an official Venture Partner, please contact us through

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